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Tesla Reveals World’s Fifth Most Powerful Supercomputer For Its Self Driving Tech

Tesla showcased its new supercomputer which is being claimed as the fifth most powerful computer in the world. The Silicon Valley-based EV maker is using this supercomputer to power its advanced driving assistance system, Autopilot, and self-driving technology. Tesla’s new Autopilot system and the upcoming autonomous driving software works on complex neural networks. Hence, this […]

Facebook Live Audio Rooms And Podcast Launched: What’s New?

Back in April, we heard about Facebook Hotline, which was supposed to be a Clubhouse alternative. Today, the company released Facebook Live Audio Rooms. It officially makes Facebook a part of the social audio platform. That said, Facebook Live Audio is also the latest Clubhouse alternative. For now, only select verified public figures in the […]

Google FLoC Is The New Cookie Monster: Why You Should Know About It

Google FLoC stands for Federated Learning of Cohorts. It is the new age web technology that will replace cookies on Google Chrome. We all know that Google has deemed cookies outdated and has started blocking third-party cookies for a while now on Chrome. What was unclear was how Google plans to replace Cookies. Now that […]

Nobody Saves The World: Release Date, Gameplay, Platforms, & More

Nobody saves the world is DrinkBox studio’s upcoming action role-playing game. The developer, who is also known for its Guacamelee series, revealed Nobody saves the world during Microsoft’s [email protected] Showcase. The most recognizable element of this upcoming RPG will be the Final Fantasy-inspired tactical gameplay. Meanwhile, let’s talk about all the other information revealed so […]