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Here’s Everything Explained About Electric Cars & EVs

With the pace at which EV technology is improving, we can say that within no time electric cars will become as common on roads as conventional gasoline vehicles. Since it’s an emerging technology, many people are still skeptical about it, majorly, due to a lack of awareness. Also, we know that the masses are curious […]

This Odd Electric Car Is Real And It’s Quicker Than Tesla Roadster

A Canada-based EV maker, Daymak, has announced a three-wheel electric car ‘Daymak Spiritus’ which claims to be quicker than Tesla Roadster.It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in the blink of an eye in just 1.8 seconds whereas Tesla Roadster lags behind by 0.1 seconds. With this breathtaking acceleration, it’ll be one of the […]

What Is Battery Management System (BMS) In Electric Cars?

The Battery Management System (BMS) is a system that manages and protects the battery for its well-being in any electronic device. It monitors multiple factors like the voltage, current, state of charge, temperature, and more.However, there are three main functions of a Battery Management System.Protection of Battery Packs: It protects the battery from getting damaged […]

Lucid Air Dream Edition Sold Out But Here’s How To Reserve One

Lucid Air Dream Edition, the top-spec variant of the electric car Air, is fully booked now. California-based EV maker Lucid Motors recently updated its electric sedan’s reservation status on its website.However, interested buyers still have a chance to get one by registering on the waiting list.How You Can Still Buy Lucid Air Dream Edition?You can […]

Can Electric Sedan BMW i4 With 590km Range Be A Porsche Taycan Rival?

Recently, BMW revealed its first electric sedan BMW i4 at its Annual Conference. The German automaker announced that the BMW i4 will have an electric range of 569 km (WLTP) and 300 miles as per EPA standards.As of now, BMW has unveiled limited information about the four-door electric sedan. However, from what we know, it […]

Do Electric Cars Use Engine Oil? Types Of Fluids Required In EVs

As the popularity of electric cars is increasing, it’s certain that EVs will overshadow IC engine vehicles sooner than we expect. Now, more people are trying to explore electric cars and their components. While doing so, one of the most common questions that strikes the mind is that, ‘do electric cars have engines and what […]